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Anzac Day kerbside service changes

Hamilton’s kerbside rubbish, glass recycling, paper and cardboard will be collected a day later than usual following Anzac Day.

Normal collection days will resume Monday 4 May.

Kerbside collections during COVID-19

Rubbish bags will continue to be collected as normal. Paper and cardboard will also be collected as normal but sent to landfill.

Glass recycling will be collected. Please remove lids and place rinsed glass bottles and jars in your green recycling crate. Overfilled crates will not be emptied due to health and safety concerns. If you have more glass than crate capacity, please put it out for collection over a few weeks. Only approved Hamilton City Council crates will be emptied (two per household max). Purchasing of new recycling crates is currently suspended.

Crates will not be emptied if glass is mixed with tins, cans or plastic. Broken glass should be safely wrapped to remove sharp edges and minimise cuts to the rubbish collectors and then placed in rubbish bags.

Recycling collections for plastics 1-2, tins and cans have stopped due to safety concerns over COVID-19 being spread to staff sorting recyclables by hand. The recycling facilities where plastics, tins and cans are processed remain closed. The Ministry for the Environment has now asked residents to avoid stockpiling materials that cannot be recycled during the COVID-19 crisis. Overtime stockpiling can become a health and safety hazard as many residents do not have capacity to store recycling long term. Once the alert levels reduce, the recycling system may also be unable to cope with large amounts of stockpiled recyclables.

Until recycling facilities reopen, we ask you to safely dispose of plastic, tins and cans in rubbish bags that will go to landfill. Once recycling facilities can safely receive recyclable materials for sorting and processing, the kerbside collection service will return to normal.

The Refuse Transfer Station at 60 Lincoln St and the Hamilton Organic Centre in Wickham St will reopen from Tuesday 28 April, although both sites will be operating at reduced capacity. Recycling drop-offs at the station will not be permitted and the reuse shop will remain closed.

For more information please visit or email or call our customer services team on 07 838 6699. For information on collection dates or for some handy hints on how to minimise your waste during this time, please visit

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