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Bin deliveries ahead of schedule

We’ve been out and about delivering the new food scraps bins, yellow recycling wheelie bins and red rubbish wheelie bins to homes across Hamilton since 3 June 2020.

Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager Maire Porter says the team are ahead of schedule having already delivered to a number of the northern suburbs in Hamilton, including Burbush, Harrowfield, Northgate, Te Rapa Park, Rototuna North, Queenwood and Pukete.

“With the new service kicking off from 31 August 2020, our bin delivery contractors are now more than 38% of the way through with fewer than 40,000 homes to go. It’s a huge logistical challenge, but our teams are more than up to it,” says Ms Porter.

“The team has delivered more than 63,000 bins to 21,000 homes – that’s an average of 1000 homes or 3000 bins a day. There are approximately 180,000 bins to be delivered in total. Good weather has helped put the team ahead of schedule”

Bins are delivered in sets of three via truck to eligible homes, prioritising left turns as much as possible for safety and efficiency.

Each truck has a crew of three people who unload the bins and deliver them to the kerbside. Each bin is labelled with a home address and delivery day and equipped with an embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag to help return any misplaced bins to their owners. The tag will also help identify any bins that are being misused by residents once the new service starts.

The delivery team has also been putting a handy information flyer inside each food scraps bin (which is located inside one of the two wheelie bins). A more detailed information booklet will be sent out closer to the new service start date from 31 August. You can also check out for more information.

Once you’ve received your new bins please store them in a safe place on your property until the new service starts – you can also check out for some storage suggestions.

Please remember to keep using your black rubbish bags and green recycling crate until the new service starts from 31 August 2020. If you start putting the new bins out before the new service starts, your rubbish and recycling won’t be collected.

Residents can also download the free app ‘Antenno’ to receive bin delivery updates, collection day notifications and information on the new service.

The team will start delivering bins to homes in Claudelands, Dinsdale, Maeroa and Nawton over the next few weeks.

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