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CBD aglow with LEDs

The third stage of a Hamilton City Council project to replace old sodium lights with LED lights is now complete.

This latest section of the project involved replacing approximately 600 under-verandah lights around the central city with new LED lights.

While the team went about this work, they were also able to address areas of low lighting levels around the central city, adding approximately 50 LED lights below verandah areas which previously lacked lighting of any sort, instantly enhancing these spaces and improving safety for the community.

They also relocated 16 power connections which will help the Council pinpoint and fix faults in the future – previously, a number of these connection points were located on private properties which presented some access challenges when faults occurred.

The whole project took four and a half months to complete, was led by the Council’s maintenance team from the Infrastructure Alliance, and involved working closely with business owners across the city.

The benefits of moving to LED lights are well documented and include:

  • Energy savings.
  • Extended life/reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved light quality.

Jason Harrison, the Council’s City Transportation Unit Manager says the new LED lights in the central city have been well received.

“People have certainly noticed a change in the atmosphere of town at night – the LEDs emit a softer colour which is certainly more pleasing on the eye and results in better visibility overall.”

Mr Harrison adds: “The part I’m most proud of though is we’re actually making a difference to people’s sense of personal safety, whether it’s someone waiting for a taxi at 2am on Victoria Street or just walking to their car in the dark after work.”

“The project in its entirety has been a significant undertaking and aligns with Access Hamilton’s transport goal of improving safety. It’s a project people can see the benefits of immediately and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Stages One and Two of the project involved the replacement of a total of 16,000 LED street lights in residential and arterial roads around the city.

The Infrastructure Alliance’s LED lighting team will now turn its focus to the fourth and final stage of the project which will see decorative street lighting around the city also replaced with LED lights.

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