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Community views wanted on voting systems

FPP or STV, what's your choice? |

Will we tick them? Or will we rank them?

That’s the question Hamilton City Council is asking the community about the voting system we’ll use to elect our mayor and councillors in 2022.

Later this year, the Council will decide whether Hamiltonians will vote by ticking candidates using First Past the Post (FPP), or by ranking candidates using Single Transferable Vote (STV).

The Council wants to know what the community thinks, so our Mayor and Councillors can consider those views before deciding to stick with FPP or switch to STV.

Governance Manager Becca Brooke is eager to find out residents’ views on the voting system they prefer and why.

“Outside of official polls, we’re not aware of other councils asking their community about this critical part of the democratic process,” she says.

“We’ve created a short video which shows in an easy-to-follow way how each system works, so people have a clear idea before having a say on the system they like best.

“There’s also an opportunity to tell us why you chose either FPP or STV, and we’ll share those opinions with Elected Members to help their understanding of what the community thinks.”

Mrs Brooke hopes the interest shown in Council business in the 2019 local government elections continues into this campaign.

“Hamilton had the largest increase in voter turnout of any metro council in New Zealand in last year’s elections,” she says.

“We had 39.4% of Hamiltonians sharing their voice in the elections, an increase of 5.8% and the best result since 2004. We’d love to see this many, and even more, of our residents taking part in this conversation about the voting systems.”

Hamiltonians can have their say on the voting systems from today until 17 July by visiting or at our Council offices and Hamilton City Libraries branches.

There are three $100 Prezzy cards up for grabs for people who tell us their preferred voting system and why, and answer a few demographic questions.

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