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Council commits to compulsory COVID-19 staff vaccinations

Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council have announced that COVID-19 vaccinations are to be made compulsory for all Council employees in the Government’s new Protection Framework.

The announcement follows Council’s decision on 30 November that all visitors over the age of 12 will need to be vaccinated to enter some of their facilities.

On 3 December 2021, the Executive Leadership team made the decision to protect staff and the community against COVID-19 as it continues to challenge the wellbeing in the workplace said Chief Executive Lance Vervoort.

“We’ve been taking the necessary precautions to keep our staff safe, including mask wearing, physical distancing and working from home where possible. Our vaccination decision is another step to help us do that.

“Staff consultation and feedback, Government advice, a risk assessment that used WorkSafe guidance along with legal advice showed our employees will be safest at work if they are fully vaccinated.”

During staff consultation 74% of respondents (317 of 430) agreed with the proposal, while 21% (89 of 430) did not agree with the proposal. There were 438 responses in total.

“We have COVID-19 cases in Hamilton. With more freedom in the traffic light system and Auckland opening up their borders from 15 December, we need to be prepared,” said Vervoort.

The Policy requires that the first vaccination is required by Monday 13 December 2021 and the second dose (fully vaccinated) is by Monday 17 January 2022.

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