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Council wrap-up – 30 May 2019

Our City, Our Hamilton

Hamilton City Council confirmed its support for an elected member childcare allowance at its meeting today (Thursday, 30 May).

The proposal was originally put forward by the Young Elected Members Network – an informal group of elected members aged under 40 years – and highlights childcare as a barrier preventing people standing for council. The Council will support the proposal in a submission to the Remuneration Authority, which oversees and sets allowances and expenses payments for local bodies.

A decision will be made by the Remuneration Authority before the October 2019 local government elections.

Local Government New Zealand asked member councils to make decisions on some proposed changes to the make-up of its National Council. These included giving full voting rights to the Chair of the Te Maruata (a subcommittee of the National Council comprised of Maaori elected members) and giving Auckland Council three seats on National Council to reflect the scale of Auckland (one-third of New Zealand).

The Safety and Wellness Report was also presented and minutes of previous meetings were approved.

The next Council meeting is on 20 June 2019.

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