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Councillors to debate plan for next decade

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After receiving more than 5800 written submissions and 138 people presenting their views in person, the next step for Hamilton City Council’s 2021-31 Long-Term Plan gets underway next week.

Councillors begin formal deliberations on Tuesday (4 May) on what remains in, and what comes out of, the 2021-31 draft Long-Term Plan, as well as debating Council’s Development Contributions, Growth Funding, and Revenue and Financing policies.

The views of the community – made clear through the record number of written submissions and four days of verbal submissions – will be considered as Elected Members debate the projects to proceed with over the next decade, and how these are funded.

Those views are openly available via easy-to-navigate dashboards on Council’s website.

Consultation on the 2021-31 draft Long-Term Plan focused on 11 key proposals:

  • providing more and safer routes for walking, biking, scooting and skating
  • upgrading two roads in the north of the city
  • expanding Hillcrest Library
  • increased funding for creative initiatives
  • charging for commuter parking around the city
  • building a new walking and cycling bridge across the Waikato River linking the central city and eastern side of the river
  • building a second jetty at Hamilton Gardens
  • increasing swim space at Waterworld
  • charging for car-parking at Hamilton Gardens
  • restoring our gully systems.

The levels of support for each proposal, and all written comments provided by submitters, can be explored through the Long-Term Plan dashboard. It also shows commentary on Council’s proposed financial strategy, and any other ideas put forward by the community.

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate said Councillors will go into the deliberations with open minds having read through and heard the community feedback.

“We will be debating much more than the 11 key projects the engagement was focussed on. There are some areas of core work that we, and every council, simply must do. Everything else will be weighed up to see how we can best improve the wellbeing of Hamiltonians, while considering issues of affordability.”

The Long-Term Plan and related policy deliberations are scheduled for 4-6 May ahead of the final Long-Term Plan being formally adopted on 24-25 June.

Click here to explore the community feedback received on the 2021-31 draft Long-Term Plan.

Click here to read the agenda of the deliberations meeting.

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