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Feedback opens on four Hamilton playground refreshes

Image of a group of children playing on stepping stool playground equipment

Love to play? Have your say!

Council is seeking feedback from locals on four neighbourhood playgrounds across Hamilton. These four playgrounds are due for a refresh in accordance with Council’s playground renewals programme, and are located at:

Bremworth Park (Dinsdale)
Pygmalion Park (Dinsdale)
Galloway Park (Hamilton East)
Waiwherowhero Park (St Andrews)

Council is committed to providing a high-quality network of play opportunities across the city that provide for a whole family play experience. We want to create playgrounds that reflect the views of the local community who use these parks and want to make sure their voice is factored into the design of the playground within our renewal guidelines.

Community Committee Chair Councillor Mark Bunting said the renewals programme’s aim is to provide valued, sustainable and accessible playgrounds for the benefit of the community. “We need to make sure we look after what we have so that our playgrounds will be here for Hamiltonians to enjoy well into the future,“ says Bunting.

“Now is the time for local communities to really engage with our team to get the playground they want. While funds are limited, it’s these very conversations that can make a huge difference to the kind of play space that will bring your community together for generations to come. Get creative, get thinking and get engaged!

“Working with locals on these renewals helps to foster a sense of ownership and enable local communities to take pride in their playground, making it a welcoming and inclusive space for all to enjoy.”

It’s important to note that the refresh will be in line with the footprint and style of the existing playground site.

The survey is live on our Have Your Say website or in person at the Municipal Building or any Hamilton City Library and will be open until Tuesday 17 May 2022.

Give your feedback here.


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