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Final week for feedback on Gardens layout

Have your say on the Hamilton Gardens Management Plan review

Time is almost up for Hamiltonians to have their say on proposed layout changes to Hamilton Gardens, with consultation closing this Sunday (9 August).

Consultation has been underway for the last month and has included two well-attended open days.

The new concept for the Gardens site is a revision of a proposal put to the community last year. Key aspects include:

  • The Rhododendron Lawn is retained.
  • Improved traffic flow and accessibility, allowing people to visit the Gardens safely by bike, foot or public transport. This includes a new through road linking the two gates and parking concentrated nearer to the Camellia Lawn and Governor’s Green.
  • More shared walking and cycling paths and the potential for a spectacular treetop walk from the carparks to the Gardens’ entrance.
  • Riverfront land to be freed up for more appropriate use, including linking the Gardens to the Waikato River.

Hamilton City Councillor Mark Bunting, Chair of the Council’s Community Committee, says retaining the Rhododendron Lawn as part of the new concept is a direct result of the Council responding to community feedback.

“We’re listening to what the community has to say, and there are some really passionate points of view. Some feedback has been harder to hear than others, but that’s what you get when people are so proud of their Gardens,” he says.

“This time round I’m confident all the options are laid out, and we’re close to the point where we can make a sound and rational decision, thanks to such constructive feedback.”

People can share their voice through the Council’s online portal at or by filling in a form from libraries or the Council’s central city offices by the end of this week.

Decisions made through the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan process will determine the timing of Hamilton Gardens’ development, including the proposed layout changes. The Council will adopt the Long-Term Plan in June 2021.

Share your voice on the proposed plan here

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