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Have your say on how we manage our waste

Residents have until Thursday 4 July to have their say on Hamilton City Council’s proposed Solid Waste Bylaw.

The Bylaw was last reviewed in 2012, however since then there has been significant changes in waste management for the city’s residents, businesses and organisations. This includes a new kerbside rubbish and recycling contract which will roll out to residents from 1 July 2020, and the adoption of the new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, which sets out goals and objectives to support Hamiltonians to avoid, reduce and recycle waste.

At its 30 May 2019 meeting, the Council agreed the proposed amendments to the existing Hamilton City Council Solid Waste Bylaw are the most appropriate way of managing and minimising waste in Hamilton.

Compliance Manager Trent Fowles says the proposed changes provide an opportunity to align the Solid Waste Bylaw with the Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

“The Proposed Solid Waste Bylaw will ensure the Council has the right methods in place to manage and reduce waste in Hamilton, now and in the future,” says Mr Fowles.

Last August, the Council awarded a 10-year kerbside rubbish and recycling contract to EnviroWaste Services. The new service includes separate wheeled bins for rubbish and recycling (plastic, paper and cardboard), a smaller separate food scraps collection bin while using the existing recycling crates for glass only.

“Reviewing our Solid Waste Bylaw will ensure we are set up to efficiently manage kerbside rubbish and recycling ahead of our new 2020 service. The changes we are proposing will provide guidelines to ensure waste is collected, transported and disposed of safely and in a way which maximises waste diversion,” says Mr Fowles.

The proposed Bylaw will require all multi-dwelling developments, events and construction sites to submit a site waste management and minimisation plan to the Council for approval. This plan would include details about the types of waste expected to be produced and how the waste would be disposed of, so the Council can take steps to encourage waste minimisation.

“Waste doesn’t just come from the home, it’s produced by businesses, shops, events and construction sites. All this waste needs to be collected and if it can’t be recycled or reused most of it will end up in a landfill. We want to encourage and support recycling and waste reduction by working collaboratively with local industries and organisations, and our proposed Bylaw will allow us to do this,” says Mr Fowles.

Waste operators would also be required to apply for a licence to make sure they meet minimum standards. License holders would then need to provide the Council with details on the type and amount of waste they handle.

The Bylaw would also strengthen the Council’s ability to manage litter, illegal dumping and other nuisance waste problems – particularly in public spaces.

Under the new Bylaw, retailers would also be required to accept packaging from any goods sold on their premises should the customer choose to leave it behind.

The Bylaw and feedback form are available at and at Hamilton City Libraries and the Council’s Municipal Building. Feedback is open until Thursday 4 July 2019. If there are verbal submissions from individuals or representatives of organisations they will be heard by the Council’s Regulatory and Hearings Committee on Tuesday 20 August 2019.

The Council will then consider all the views and make a decision on the Bylaw in September 2019.

For more information about the Council’s new 2020 rubbish and recycling service visit Fight the Landfill. You can read the Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan here.

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