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Reminder that illegal dumping is not okay

Hamilton City Council is reminding people that they face fines of up to $400 if they illegally dump material on roadsides and other areas. A dozen such fines have been issued in the past two months alone.

“We get calls from residents who are disgusted rubbish is being dumped in public places, parks and even playgrounds,” says Compliance Manager Trent Fowles.

“It’s not OK and the costs of getting caught can be hefty. Not only does illegal dumping look bad on our streets, it can be dangerous and unsanitary, and the cost of cleaning up illegal dumping falls back on ratepayers.”

The Council has had a range of reports recently of illegal dumping of various materials.

People should always recycle old items if possible or dispose of them legally.

Dumping and recycling services are available at the Council’s refuse station in Lincoln St, while old vehicles and parts can potentially be of value to wreckers’ yards and scrap metal dealers.

A campaign has been run recently reminding people of their responsibilities. It has encouraged those wanting to report dumping to take a photo of the material and share the photo and details with the Council online at 

The photo featured is an example of the type of photos the Council receives from residents reporting illegal dumping.

People can also report illegal dumping to the Council on 07 838 6699.

For more information about what to do with your extra rubbish and unwanted items see this previous Our Hamilton story article.

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