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Rubbish and recycling changes following Labour Weekend

Rubbish and recycling during easter

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections will be a day later than usual following the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 22 October. Normal collections will resume Monday 29 October.

If your usual collection day is: Your rubbish/recycling will be collected on:
Monday 22 October Tuesday 23 October
Tuesday 23 October Wednesday 24 October
Wednesday 24 October Thursday 25 October
Thursday 25 October Friday 26 October
Friday 26 October Saturday 27 October


The Lincoln Street Transfer Station will be open 10am to 3pm on Monday.

Find out what events are happening in the city over the long weekend.

Don’t forget, you can always check what day your kerbside collection is at Fight the Landfill.

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Rubbish and recycling during easter
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