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More than 170,000 bins delivered ready for new service

We’ve finished delivering three new rubbish and recycling bins to more than 56,000 homes across Hamilton. This is part of the new service kicking off from 31 August 2020.

A team of 45 staff, 41 from Hamilton, delivered more than 170,000 bins between 3 June and 12 August. This milestone means we have now completed delivery of our initial schedule.

If you don’t have your bins yet, please follow these three steps:
1. Check with your neighbours to see if they have picked them up by accident.
2. Email our customer service team at – make sure you have your name, address and contact details ready.
3. Wait patiently while our team looks into it for you – there could be a few reasons why you didn’t have a bin delivery, so please be patient while we’re investigating.

The team delivered an average of more than 1000 bins a day. Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager, Maire Porter, says this amazing result can be credited to both the good weather and the experienced and efficient team who have worked on similar projects throughout New Zealand and Australia.

“A team of three would unload the bins, some of which needed to be put together in the process, tag each wheelie bin with an RFID chip and insert a handy info flyer inside the food scraps bin before rolling out to homes in the area.”

Bins were manufactured in Auckland using 20 tonnes of recycled plastic and delivered to one of two storage facilities – one in Burbush and the other in Claudelands. Nine trucks would load up with bins each day before heading out to various suburbs around the city.

“Some of the plastic used for the bins has been recycled which is really important to us. We couldn’t be happier with the final product, from both a quality and sustainability perspective,” says Ms Porter.

Residents are also receiving a handy how-to booklet which will help people get the hang of the new service. You can also find your collection calendar on the back page showing what bins you need to put out on each week for the first six months.

To receive notifications about your collection day, download the free mobile app Antenno from the App Store or Google Play.

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