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New kerbside collection’s got it sorted

It’s “bye black bags!” as Hamilton’s new kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service kicked off this week (Monday 31 August), following the delivery of 180,000 individual bins across 60,000 properties.

Hamilton City Council’s Infrastructure Operations Committee Chair, Councillor Angela O’Leary, says it’s a major milestone for Council and residents. “It’s just brilliant to see the new service getting underway this week, following months of planning and working around challenges like the COVID-19 lockdown.”

Cr O’Leary also says it’s great to see strong interest from residents who’ve already been going online to to get up to speed with the new service.

“Two of the website’s most popular features are its ‘address finder’ and ‘rubbish sorter’ tools,” she says. “They’ve also been checking out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page and the website’s online calendar to see when ‘red week’ and ‘yellow week’ applies to their properties.”

“People are using the address finder to check which day is collection day for their property, and they’re using the rubbish sorter’s list of 338 items to find out what items go into each of the bins and crates. Up until three days before the new service was activated, the address finder had been searched 6056 times, while the rubbish sorter list had been used 55,989 times.”

The new kerbside collection service replaces the old black rubbish bag and green crate recycling system with two targeted wheelie bins, which are collected on alternate weeks. The red one is for waste and the larger yellow one is for recycling paper, cardboard, tins, and cans and collecting plastics 1-7.

Cr O’Leary says the new service also provides a smaller food scraps bin with a lockable lid, which can be put out weekly. Glass is recycled using one green crate which goes out fortnightly with the yellow wheelie bin during recycling week.

“With food scraps currently accounting for almost 50% of Hamilton residents’ landfill waste by weight, the new food scraps bin is really going to help us all to reduce the amount of waste the city sends to landfill,” says Cr O’Leary.

“We hope this new approach to minimising waste, alongside the tips and information we’re providing online at, will help people to reduce the amount of rubbish they produce and maximise their recycling while assisting Council to reach its waste minimisation targets,” says Cr O’Leary.

“These targets are focussed on achieving a 25% decrease in the per capita kerbside rubbish to landfill within four years and achieving a 50% increase in the per capita kerbside recycling within four years, which in total will divert more than 100,000 tonnes of anticipated waste from landfill in the next 10 years.”

Cr O’Leary says as well as the online information and tools, a handy guide booklet was mailed to all residents before the end of August. Residents can also receive collection week notifications on their mobile phones by downloading the Antenno app free from the App Store and Google Play.

“It’s all about making the transition to using the new service as smooth as possible for all Hamiltonians,” she says. “Getting our recycling right is very important. Having said that, the main priority is for everyone to reduce our waste as much as we can.”

To get more information on the new service, use the address finder and rubbish sorter tools, and to view an online collection calendar, visit

Excess recycling can be taken to the recycling section of Hamilton’s Refuse Transfer Station. However, only plastics types 1, 2 and 5 will be accepted at the transfer station.

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