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New roof for historic reservoir

Ruakiwi Reservoir roof

Maintenance work to replace the roof of the city’s oldest reservoir has been completed, and the Ruakiwi Reservoir is now back in action following completion of water safety checks.

The new roof is expected to last more than 50 years following work by Hamilton City Council’s specialist contractors to ensure the stored fresh water is safe and secure.

The work was part of the Council’s ongoing asset management programme to ensure the city’s critical water assets are looked after to the highest standard, as well as being maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Work started in May on the historic 1932 reservoir, which has an Historic Place Category 2 listing, and included consultation with Heritage New Zealand.

During the work properties in the area had their water pumped directly from the city’s Waiora Water Treatment Plant. As the Reservoir is now back in action these properties are now receiving their water directly from the Reservoir.

* The date of completion of the reservoir has been corrected to 1932, and not 1935.

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