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No Council restrictions on club funding applications

Hamilton city and Waikato River aerial

Hamilton City Council chief executive Richard Briggs has confirmed the Council has no restrictions on local community and sporting organisations seeking gaming machine funding.

Social media discussions earlier today incorrectly stated the Council was not allowing local clubs and organisations to seek gaming machine funds to pay for Council facilities charges.

“Unfortunately, there was some confusion around some of the comments,” Mr Briggs says.

“The Council has never said clubs cannot apply for these funds. In fact, the Council’s decision not to apply for these funds for its own projects was in part to make more of these funds available for community use,” Mr Briggs says.

“The Council has a view that pokie machine numbers in the city should be reduced over time, and is also opposing an application by Sky City to add a further 60 machines at Hamilton Casino. However it has not imposed any restrictions, in any form, on clubs making applications to gaming trusts for funding.”

Mr Briggs says any club or organisation seeking further clarification should contact the Council on 07 838 6699.

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