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Outcomes of 7 February 2019 Council meeting

Hamilton City Council Municipal Building Civic Square

A proposal to change the gaming mix at Hamilton Casino will now go to wider public consultation, including a public hearing as part of the process.

Councillors were due to consider a draft submission opposing the proposal at yesterday’s Hamilton City Council meeting and heard several speakers voice opposition during the public forum section of the meeting.

At the meeting Hamilton Mayor Andrew King addressed the issue initially through his Chair’s Report, which included letters he had written in January to the Gambling Commission raising concerns about what he saw as a lack of transparent process and the lack of public input into the process.

During the meeting a letter was received from the Executive Director of the Commission, noting the application to reduce table games and increase gaming machines at the casino was the first application of its kind.

The letter said the Commission has considered the novelty of the issue and the extent of local community concern over the application. It will broaden the scope of consultation and extend the deadline for submissions.

Later in the meeting the Council approved a draft submission opposing the application to amend licence conditions at the Casino.

Other decisions at the meeting included:

  • Names on Hamilton’s voting papers at this year’s Local Authority elections will be listed in random order, with candidates’ surnames randomly ordered by computer across voting documents. The Council had the option of the names being listed alphabetically, randomly or a random selection listed the same way on all voting documents.
  • Council approved preparation of changes to the District Plan to reduce or simplify requirements following an 18-month review of processes through the Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Programme (REEP). The objective of the REEP is to ensure the Council’s regulatory functions are delivered in an effective, efficient and customer-focussed manner.
  • Hamilton’s position on development of governance arrangements for the Hamilton to Auckland Corridor Plan was approved. The Corridor Plan is a partnership between the Crown, local authorities, iwi and government departments to plan for sustainable, quality growth between the two major centres. The Plan recognises the importance of the Hamilton-Waikato metropolitan area and has been developed for Government to consider later this month. Council’s decision yesterday approved re-purposing of the existing Future Proof partnership between Waikato Councils to form the basis of a new governance structure for the Hamilton to Auckland Corridor Plan.
  • Public consultation about amendments to the city’s Parks, Domains and Reserves Bylaw will commence later this month after the Council approved a Statement of Proposal. The bylaw was last reviewed in 2012.
  • Public notification has been approved for Proposed Plan Change 3 – Temple View Boundary Alteration, as well as the appointment of two independent hearing commissioners to hear, determine and make decisions on submissions. The plan change will rezone the 14 hectares of land which was brought into the city’s boundaries in 2014.
  • The Council revoked a former resolution to sell land in Norton Rd, and approved the land be leased on commercial terms to the Kirikiriroa Family Services Trust.

This is a summary only of the meeting. Voting details and further information is available on the Agendas and Minutes section of the Council website.

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