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Punters impressed by politics and presentations

Josie Goodman’s teenage daughter Jessica insisted the family attend the Your Neighbourhood event at Claudelands – and it was an insistence which paid off.

“My oldest daughter is interested in local politics – probably more so than me,” Josie told

Perusing the more than 20 stands inside Claudelands’ Heaphy Room, Josie said the event had been “quite informative” for both her and her two daughters, who had been particularly impressed by the use of virtual reality technology to explain some of the work occurring in the city.

“You can actually see the infrastructure changes and things being updated,” Josie said.

“To see it all laid out in one place, and what’s going to happening moving forward…yes, it’s quite good. It’s not something I’d really look into if I had to go on the internet for it, but to come here and see it all – yeah, it’s really great.”

The family was planning to stick around for the Mayoral Debate and were interested to hear what the eight candidates had to say. The opportunity to talk to mayoral and council candidates, in the Candidate Café, was also a drawcard Josie said.

“Jessica is looking at doing that sort of thing in the future, so it’s good for her to be able to talk to some people here.”

Dr Gaurav Sharma, a Nawton resident and Labour Party candidate during the 2017 general election campaign, said the advertising of the event and the hosting of the Mayoral Debate by Mike McRoberts had drawn him to Claudelands.

“I really just wanted to come here and hear what the candidates had to say,” Gaurav said. “It’s good to hear the vision people have for the community.”

Gaurav said the Council’s stands were very informative and interesting: “There’s a lot of information here you probably wouldn’t know about unless you were really going out looking for it – and it’s really good to see what the Council is doing.”

More than 800 people attended the event, with a further 200 watching the Mayoral Debate via internet livestream.

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