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Recycling – overflow won’t go

Level up your recycling

We all want to recycle more – but overfilled recycling crates are spilling out and making a mess on the kerbside. Help us keep our streets clean by making sure your recycling is level with the top of your crate.

Overfilled recycling crates are also a health and safety hazard to our contractors who collect 55,000 crates each week, so it’s important they can safely lift and sort your crate. Recycling placed higher than the top of the crate will not be collected.

One of the easiest ways to fit more recycling in your crate is to wash and squash your items. By placing larger and heavier items on top this will also stop recycling from blowing off down the street.

If you regularly overfill your crate you can purchase a second crate for $15 from either the Council in Garden place or Waste Management. Our contractors will only collect recycling from Hamilton City Council approved crates.

Extra recycling can also be dropped off for free at Lincoln Street Transfer Station.

Find out more about Hamilton’s rubbish and recycling 

Recycling inorganics

If you have larger items such as furniture, bed bases, mattresses and fridges which are still in good condition you can find out how to recycle these here.

Think about what you buy next

The easiest way to reduce your waste is by avoiding it in the first place. Reducing waste is not only good for the environment, it reduces dependence on landfills and ultimately reduces costs for ratepayers. Simple changes to your everyday habits can make a big difference to the amount of waste your household generates. Find out more about how you can reduce your waste at Fight the Landfill.

More recycling options coming soon

Our new 2020 rubbish and recycling service will allow you to recycle more including plastics 1-7, and food waste. You can find out more about the new service here.

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