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Renovation opens up Central Library to Garden Place

Hamilton’s Central Library is set for further transformation.

Following closely after the opening of the new Smart Space, the Central Library’s frontage will soon be renovated to incorporate a community space and the maker space – a digital-focussed learning initiative.

Rebecca Whitehead, Hamilton City Libraries Director, says the work to renovate the front of the Central Library will begin on Monday 12 August, and is expected to take about eight weeks.

“The first part of the project will see the deconstruction of the offices at the front of our building, which our management team has recently vacated,” Mrs Whitehead says.

“Parts of the ground floor of the Central Library will be off-limits to our customers, but our opening hours won’t change and our front doors will still be the main access point for everyone who comes in to take advantage of the services we offer.”

The noisiest parts of the project will be undertaken when the Central Library is closed.

Mrs Whitehead says renovating the front of the Central Library will open it up more to Garden Place and make it more welcoming to the public.

“We want our libraries to be hubs for our community, and with this project we’re taking a big step towards achieving that at our flagship library, right in the heart of the city.”

The Makerspace enhances the services of existing libraries and embraces the opportunity presented by modern technology. Staff at Hamilton City Libraries have been offering a mobile Makerspace programme across all of its branches, and this will continue so the service remains available to all customers.

“The Central Library Makerspace gives us a great opportunity to expand this programme and its focus on science, mathematics and technology through digital tools.”

Once completed, staff running The Makerspace will collaborate with those in the Smart Space to deliver combined programmes.

The redevelopment of the front of the Central Library has been funded through the Council’s 2018-28 10-Year Plan, and reflects several of the key themes in the Hamilton City Libraries Strategic Plan.

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