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Safer for students on Knighton Rd

Knighton Rd school students crossing

Teachers and students from Knighton Normal School are thrilled with the new raised pedestrian platform which has just gone in outside the school to cross Knighton Rd in Hillcrest.

“I have so many teachers and parents commenting about how much safer our school gate is now with all the changes”, says Deputy Principal Materoa Collins.

“The improvements have considerably slowed down traffic, and this has also meant much less stress for parents and teachers alike.”

The safety improvement work to slow traffic and make it safer to cross the busy road has seen installation of a raised platform to cross the road, tactile pavers and road markings, reshaping of the footpath and new planting.

And students from the school are also pleased with the pedestrian crossing upgrade.

In a letter to Hamilton City Council’s School Travel Coordinator Cameron Ward, pupils Skye, Arisha, Hartisha and Isaac say:

“We appreciate you upgrading our pedestrian crossing for the Knighton students to become more safe.

I really like the use of more lines, and that the lines are substantial for people to recognise it.

Thank you for helping the road patrollers out.”

The crossing is part of a $4.5M package of road safety improvements going in around the city in this financial year to make it safer for people who walk, bike and bus to get around Hamilton.

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