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Smart cities awards finalist leading the way in transport operations

Since joining Hamilton City Council almost four years ago, Transport Systems Engineer John Kinghorn has been instrumental in bringing Hamilton’s transport operations into the 21st century using data and artificial intelligence.

He was recently recognised for his work in this space by making a finalist spot in the 2020 Smart Cities Awards for Australia/New Zealand.

Nominated by Council’s Infrastructure Operations General Manager Eeva-Liisa Wright, Kinghorn was among the top candidates vying for the ‘Smart Cities Leader’ award. The awards recognise and reward leadership, celebrate best practice and stimulate action to advance the smart cities movement.

For Wright, Kinghorn was a strong candidate for this award. “John has transformed our approach to real-time transport operations, provided smart mobility and data-led decision making,” she says.

“He’s implemented a number of systems that are ‘firsts’ in New Zealand and developed our own innovative systems to push boundaries through effective partnerships and co-design.”

One example of this is the creation of an innovative artificial intelligence system called Transport Data Analytics Platform (TDAP) that combines multiple live data sources to significantly improve transport operations to help people reach their destinations on time. TDAP was a finalist in the 2020 Microsoft Partner Awards.

John also played an integral role in ensuring the success of Council’s Smart Hamilton programme, introduced in 2017-18. He co-developed an innovative approach for this programme which identified a vision for the wellbeing of Hamiltonians and challenging the status quo.

“His work and leadership qualities aligned closely with the 2020 Smart Cities Awards criteria and the outcomes which the smart cities movement supports,” says Wright.

Smart cities is the movement accelerating the opportunity for how technology and data can improve lives, build sustainable economies and protect the planet. Smart Cities Week (which the awards are part of) is powered by Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. To find out more visit the website.

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