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Storing the new bins

The new bins are 2 metres long when stood side-by-side.

Hamilton City Council’s bin-delivery team has now delivered a set of three new bins to a total of 68% of eligible homes in Hamilton. That’s more than 37,000 properties.

So, now’s time to store your bins in a safe place on your property until you can start using them when the new service kicks off from 31 August 2020. Until then, please keep using your black rubbish bags and green recycling crate.

Four facts on storage

  1. If storing them side by side, the three new bins (and your current green recycling crate) take up approximately two metres in length. They can also be stacked inside each other until the new service kicks off.
  2. The new bins can be stored inside or outside – for example, in your garage, in the garden or down the side of the house.
  3. For blocks of flats or apartments, you can store them in the area usually used for storing rubbish and recycling or under the stairs.
  4. If you have a long or steep driveway, you can also store the bins at the end of the driveway (just make sure they’re kept on the property).

Bin delivery update

The bin-delivery team has finished dropping off the new bins to most of the northern suburbs, with 11 suburbs 100% complete and another six suburbs 99% complete. Completed areas include Hamilton Lake, Saint Andrews, Nawton, Pukete, Burbush, Harrowfield, RD1, Northgate, Te Rapa Park and Western Heights (not including retirement villages).

The team is currently focusing on delivering to Fitzroy, Glenview, Melville and Silverdale.

  • Remember, if your neighbours on your side of the street have received their bins but you haven’t, please give us a call after seven days.
  • Once you have your new bins, check out the sticker on the side of each bin which has your address and collection day on it.
  • Make sure you check inside the wheelie bins for the food scraps bin where you’ll find a handy information flyer inside.
  • You’ll also receive an information booklet before the new service kicks off from 31 August 2020.

Visit for some handy storage tips or to find out about all things rubbish and recycling

You can also download the Antenno App from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for regular updates on the new service.

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