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What if the bins weren’t emptied?

Hamilton’s new rubbish and recycling kerbside collection service kicks off from Monday 31 August. The change of service means residents will no longer use black rubbish bags and the existing recycling crate will be used for glass only.

Residents will put out the red rubbish wheelie bin and food scraps bin one week (red week), and the yellow mixed recycling wheelie bin, glass crate and food scraps bin the other week (yellow week).

So, you’ve put your bins out on time, but they weren’t emptied – here’s a few reasons why that might be:
  1. There were incorrect items put in a bin (contamination).
  2. A bin was overfilled.
  3. The bins weren’t presented correctly.
  4. There was more than one glass crate put out.
  5. The bins have been put out on the wrong collection day.

We’ll have staff out on the streets in the first few weeks helping to make sure you’re doing it right.

If you notice your bins are moved along the street, your bins were likely not presented right, or our trucks struggled to get to them safely – put them out where we left them next time.
If you find a bin inside your property or driveway, then it’s likely the wrong bins have been put out. You should find a sticker on the bin or a flyer in your letterbox if our staff have had to help out.

We’ll also have a bin inspector hitting the streets to help you become a recycling champion. If they spot any issues with your bins before they’re collected, they’ll leave a tag on them to let you know what those are. This may give you a chance to correct the issue before collection takes place, but if not, the information on the tag will help you sort things for next time.

Want to become a recycling champion but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Check your handy ‘how-to’ guide to find out what goes in each bin
  • Check out for all things rubbish and recycling. It also has:
    • copies of the ‘how-to’ guide in English, Te Reo Maaori, Hindi, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
    • our handy item sorter. Just type in the name of an item to find out which bin to put it in
    • our address finder to find out what bins to put out each week
    • a series of videos to help you get the hang of the new service
  • You can also download the free mobile app Antenno from the App Store or Google Play to receive collection day notifications.

Please keep using your black bags and crates until the new kerbside service starts on 31 August 2020.

Check out for all things rubbish and recycling.

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