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When to put the bins out

Hamilton City Council’s bin-delivery team has now delivered a set of three new bins to a total of 77% of eligible homes in Hamilton. That’s more than 43,000 properties.

Now’s the time to find out when each bin needs to be put out once the new service kicks off from 31 August 2020.

Alternate collection weeks

The new bins include a red-lidded wheelie bin (for rubbish/non-recyclables); a yellow-lidded wheelie bin (for all recyclables except glass); and a smaller (23-litre) green food scraps bin. The food scraps bin has a handle that locks its lid, so animals can’t get into it.

Your existing green recycling crate is to be used for glass only, once the new service gets underway.

Four facts on putting your bins out: (Make sure the bins are out on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day).

  • You’ll never put all four bins out at once.
  • Collections will alternate between red week (rubbish/red-lidded wheelie bin) and yellow week (recycling/yellow-lidded wheelie bin, plus green crate with glass recycling).
  • The food scraps bin is the only bin that’s collected weekly.
  • You can only put out one glass recycling crate a fortnight (see below for information about where to take extra recycling).

 ‘How to’ tips and collection notifications

  • You’ll receive a handy ‘how-to’ guide in your letterbox that outlines when and how to put the bins out.
  • You’ll get a collection calendar that you can pop on your fridge. The calendar lets you know when there’s a public holiday coming up – when that happens, your usual collection will be done a day later than usual during that week.
  • You will also be able find your collection day using our address finder at
  • To receive notifications about your collection day, download the free mobile app Antenno from the App Store or Google Play.

Extra recycling

You can drop off any extra recycling for free at Hamilton City’s Refuse Transfer Station (60 Lincoln St, Frankton, Hamilton).

Please note though that while the transfer station accepts all tins, cans, paper and cardboard and glass for drop-off, it can only accept plastics 1 and 2 – not plastics 3-7. Plastics 3-7 can only be accepted via kerbside collection recycling services.

Bin delivery update

The bin-delivery team has finished dropping off the new bins to most of the northern suburbs, with 14 suburbs 100% complete and another nine suburbs at least 95% complete.

Completed areas are Pukete, Baverstock, Burbush, Flagstaff, Grandview Heights, Harrowfield, Northgate, Queenwood, RD1, Rototuna North, Saint Andrews, Te Rapa Park, Western Heights and Hamilton Lake.

The team is currently delivering to suburbs in the southern part of the city. We’ll also start delivering sets of new bins to areas with large numbers of multi-unit apartments and flats including Whitiora, Frankton, Five Cross Roads, Hamilton East, Melville and Hillcrest.

  • Remember, if your neighbours on your side of the street have received their bins but you haven’t, please wait a bit longer, then give us a call after seven days if they still haven’t turned up.
  • Once you have your new bins, check the sticker on the side of each bin, as this has your address and collection day on it.
  • Make sure you check inside the wheelie bins for the food scraps bin. It will contain a handy information flyer explaining what to do with your new bins.
  • You’ll also receive an information booklet in your letterbox before the new service kicks off.

Visit for some handy storage tips or to find out about all things rubbish and recycling.

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