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Council commits spaces to Boon Street Art Festival

Two prominent public buildings will get an artistic treatment during the upcoming Boon Street Art Festival, which starts later this month.

Since its inception in 2015, the annual Boon Street Art Festival has seen several dozen new murals created on walls around the city – and for 2019, Hamilton City Council has made three sites available to festival artists.

As well as the Chamber Wing of the Council’s Municipal Building and a small wall facing Anglesea St, the front of the Central Library will be given a splash of colour and life during the festival, held this year between 15 March and 17 March.

“Boon Street Art Festival is a Hamilton-based not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation, run by amazing locals who love our city and are excited by street art,” says Festival Director Craig McClure.

“Boon has worked with the Council in the past with some smaller sites such as public toilets. In our search for great walls this year and wanting to give some revitalization love to Garden Place, the Central Library and Chamber Wing walls seemed perfect!

“Both sites are very prominent and we saw the opportunity to continue the addition of artworks in our public spaces. We have had great support from the Council’s staff in seeing these projects over the line and are certainly some of the ‘hero’ walls of the festival.

“As a group of locals and as a Trust we are motivated by our love of the city and the simple fact that beautiful places make happy people. Street art is a perfect way to achieve this and it has been a pleasure seeing more sponsors come to the table wanting to be able to support the festival. It’s a huge job but so far it has been well worth it!”

Hamilton City Libraries Director Rebecca Whitehead says the approach from Boon organisers to add a mural to the front of the Central Library was welcomed.

“The Central Library is a focal point for our community, has an important and significant presence in the central city, and we have a role encouraging creativity and vibrancy,” Mrs Whitehead says.

“Adding a mural to the front of our building represents one of the aspects which informs our work and the services we provide to our community, and reflects the Council’s ongoing efforts to enhance central Hamilton.”

Vanessa Williams, General Manager of the Hamilton Central Business Association, says the festival’s revamping and modernisation of central city walls is exciting.

“I can’t wait to see the transformation of the library frontage in to a standout, vibrant, high impact building in a key central space,” she says. “It will easily identifiable to the public and will provide a key point of reference to visitors to the city.”

The final designs for all Boon artworks remain confidential until they are being created, adding an air of mystique and unravelling creativity to the festival and those who observe the creation of the pieces.

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