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Grammy Award-winning violinist to play with the NZSO in Hamilton

NZSO Conductor Edo De Waart

Hailed as one of the world’s finest violinists, the Grammy Award-winning Augustin Hadelich makes his New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) debut  in August

Hadelich features in the NZSO’s Beethoven & Brahms tour coming to Hamilton’s Claudelands on 10 August.

Over the past decade the Italian-born 34-year-old has entered the upper echelon of the violin world and is now a must-see virtuoso.

“Hadelich is a singularly gifted, characterful musician who has a flair for bringing older music into the present tense,” The New Yorker said in a recent profile. “When Hadelich first came on the scene, he was noted for his pinpoint brilliance and for his sweet, cultured, almost old-fashioned tone. It was as if a Golden Age violinist had jumped out of the grooves of a 78-r.p.m. record.”

In recent years Hadelich has also been praised for his interpretations of modern composers. When he performed a Shostakovich Violin Concerto in the United States earlier this year, one reviewer likened him to a rock star.

“Hadelich wielded his axe, a 1723 Stradivarius, as a guitar god handles his Stratocaster, spinning a complex, emotional story on his violin.”

Hadelich has been praised for his performances of key works from the violin repertoire and in Beethoven & Brahms will play Beethoven’s Violin Concerto – the only violin concerto written by the great composer.

Beethoven & Brahms is the third of NZSO Music Director Edo de Waart’s 2018 Masterworks series. De Waart has previously worked with Hadelich and was keen to introduce him to New Zealand audiences.

“He is a beautiful player,” says De Waart. “Beethoven’s Violin Concerto is not an easy concerto every violin virtuoso can play. He’s great at it.”

The NZSO will also perform Brahms’ lush, romantic and uplifting Symphony No. 2. Brahms took 20 years to write his First Symphony to a mixed response from audiences and critics. But his Second Symphony, which premiered a year later, was fully embraced and is still an audience favourite.

“It’s a great symphony,” says De Waart.

Richard Sutherland, Business Development Manager at H3 says: “We are proud to able to host the NZSO concerts at Claudelands since the closure of Founders Theatre. This is the fifth of six concerts this year and the NZSO continue to bring the best artists to Hamilton. The large stage and sound shell enables the orchestra to bring the full roster of players which makes for a great visual spectacle as well as an aural experience. We continue to work with the NZSO on the next year’s concert schedules.”

Beethoven & Brahms, featuring Edo De Waart (Conductor) and Augustin Hadelich (violin), performing Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D major Op.61 and Brahms’ Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73 at Claudelands on Friday 10 August from 7.30pm.


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