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Welcome to our newest citizens

Our third citizenship ceremony for 2019 took place Friday 12 April.

There were 130 people, who received citizenship certificates from Mayor Andrew King at Hamilton Gardens.

The recipients came from 26 different countries including Poland, Korea, Chile and Somalia.

It was a moving moment when everyone came together and sung the national anthem for the first time as New Zealand citizens.

These special ceremonies are the final step for people in becoming an official citizen of New Zealand. Besides a certificate, people are also gifted a kowhai seedling to plant as recognition of their decision to now call New Zealand home.

Those who attended the ceremony included individuals or entire families, and were supported by councillors, representatives from cultural organisations, family members and friends.

We wish our new citizens and their families all the best as they enjoy 2019 as official citizens of New Zealand.

Click here to view images from the ceremony.

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