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Help shape Hamilton’s newest community

A panel of Hamiltonians will have the chance to help shape the city’s newest community.

Hamilton City Council is looking for a group of people to participate in a study on urban lifestyles in Hamilton, to understand our community’s needs and help shape the new neighbourhood at Peacocke.

Twenty-five Hamilton residents will be chosen to complete an online survey and attend an in-person workshop as part of a co-design process and their feedback will help inform a Peacocke Structure Plan review which is currently under way.

City Planning Manager Luke O’Dwyer said the Council was looking at innovative ways to bring Hamiltonians on the journey to creating a new neighbourhood.

“Using co-design is a great way to make sure we’re creating the type of lifestyle that Hamiltonians want. This is a new way of doing things for us, and we’re looking forward to being part of this process.”

A structure plan is a long-term plan to help guide the development of a new area. It considers things like transport connections (including public transport, cycling and walking), parks and open spaces, commercial areas, housing style and density, environment and cultural heritage and sets out the best place for each of those activities to happen.

“This plan will reflect the huge amount of work that is already being done to improve the area’s environmental, cultural and social outcomes, but will also set out what else we need to do to protect and enhance these areas,” said Mr O’Dwyer.

“Put simply; it means that our planning documents will match the goals we want to achieve in Peacocke.”

While some parts of the neighbourhood including the Southern Links roading network and other infrastructure like wastewater pipes were already set in stone, Mr O’Dwyer said he’s looking forward to seeing what new ideas the diverse group will bring to the table.

“We already work closely with a large range of stakeholders who represent various groups of the Hamilton community including mana whenua, environmental groups, accessibility groups, developers and existing residents in the area. This is an opportunity to have some great discussions with other people and get their views too.”

Mr O’Dwyer said the Council is also using community feedback from a wellbeing campaign earlier in the year, and other engagement events held in Peacocke during the past few years, to inform the structure plan review. There will be a chance for all Hamiltonians to have a say on the draft plan in October.

Residents who are interested in being involved in the co-design process should fill in the online form to register their details by Sunday 30 August. A specialist research company will help the Council to identify the final participant panel, which will broadly reflect the demographic make-up of the city.

Participants must be available to attend a workshop in central Hamilton on 9 or 10 September 2020. Participants who attend the workshop will receive a $100 Prezzy Card for their time.

Register your details here.

Peacocke is being built with the support from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund, made up of a $180.3M 10-year interest-free loan and $110.1M of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency subsidies.

The Peacocke programme will deliver a new bridge, main roads, parks, and strategic water, wastewater and stormwater networks. Other work includes protecting and enhancing the environment, including the extensive gully system, and investigating community facilities which are also important parts of creating a new community in Peacocke.

When completed, Peacocke will be home for up to 20,000 Hamiltonians.

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