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Plan change decision gives go ahead for development in Rotokauri North

Image of a new house building in progress.

Plans to rezone land and enable urban development in Hamilton’s north-west have been approved by a panel of independent commissioners.

The decision for the Rotokauri North Private Plan Change was issued today (Friday 11 March) following the hearing of submissions in October 2021.

The plan change, originally proposed by Greenseed Consultants Ltd, which is part of Ma Development Enterprises Ltd (MADE), will see a significant area rezoned to allow for a developer-led community to be created in the Rotokauri-Northwest growth area.

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate supports the decision as it unlocks the opportunity for more homes to be built in the city.

“Hamilton is one of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand and to support this growth we need more homes, ” said Southgate.

“But it’s more than just houses. This is about building a well connected, vibrant community that has the services and amenities which will allow people to thrive.”

These changes will enable up to 2000 homes to be built as part of a mixture of medium density housing in the new 137.6ha residential zone. An existing native bush area and neighbourhood centre with everyday essentials like shops and cafes make up the balance of the plan change area.

The plan change includes conditions that will see roading improvements made at certain stages of development to cater for a safer road network and the provision for affordable housing to support first home buyers.

Since 2019, MADE and Council have worked together to enable housing in Rotokauri and today’s decision is a major milestone for the Rotokauri area and for the future of urban development in north of the city

Council will continue to work closely with MADE as they progress Stage 1 of their Rotokauri North development through the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 process.

“Seeing Hamilton’s first fast-tracked project taking shape is exciting. It will no doubt deliver a real boost in economic recovery for the city after some challenging years,“ said Southgate.

All submitters who participated in the process have been notified and have 30 working days to lodge an appeal to the decision.

For more information about the plan change, visit

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