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Proposed rates for 2019/20 available online

Hamilton property owners can now check what their 2019/20 rates are likely to be using Hamilton City Council’s online property search.

The 2019/20 rates include a 3.8% average rates rise and the continuation of the rates changes that were adopted in last year’s 10-Year Plan.

The Council’s Rates and Revenue Manager, Matthew Bell, says the property search provides ratepayers with an indication of their new rates before the next invoices are delivered in late July.

“There are a number of factors which will impact the rates for an individual property,” says Mr Bell.

“These include the transition from land value to capital value rating and the staged introduction of the uniform annual general charge (UAGC). The new rates are also the first to use the 2018 property valuations.”

Hamilton’s property values were reviewed in September 2018. The review showed the total of all property in Hamilton is worth $9.95B more than it was three years ago.

“Although the Council does not collect more rates as a result of the revaluation, rates for some properties may increase if their value has gone up by more than the average,” says Mr Bell.

The new rates will be confirmed after the Council formally adopts the 2019/20 Annual Plan later this month.

The rates change will take effect from 1 July.

Click here for more information about your rates. Check what your rates are likely to be by searching for your property on our website.

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