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Waikato Data Portal launched

An aerial view of the central city and Waikato River

The Waikato Councils supported by Waikato Local Authority Shared Services (LASS) have launched the Waikato Data Portal – a public platform to share data.

The portal will allow external agencies and members of the public easy access to the council’s open datasets which can be searched, reviewed and downloaded in a variety of formats.

The first data released includes spatial GIS datasets, such as the location and attributes for utilities, infrastructure, planning, and zoning. Users can also request data.

Chris Mardon, Hamilton City Council’s Chief Data Officer says the portal offers economic benefits and promotes transparency.

“We believe that knowledge is power and that by working together to make our data free and open it will promote progress, unlock innovation, and by its creative use, result in economic value for our region.”

The data will continually grow and improve over time, Mardon says.

“Growing open data that is useful and benefits the community over time will be a collaborative process and the data provided on this site will be constantly evolving as each Council continues to update, add and improve the information available.”

To celebrate the launch and showcase the portal, an information session is being held on Thursday 11 April, 10.30-11.30am at Waikato Regional Council Chambers, 401 Grey Street, Hamilton East.

Visit Waikato LASS for more information about the project and to provide feedback on the data available to you.

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