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Be safe and be seen

Headlights on to be seen

Winter is here and with more water on the road, fog and even black ice, motorists need to be extra careful on the road.

The Council and Waikato Police have joined forces to remind motorists about the importance of being visible while driving or biking, and watching your driving distances.

With darker mornings and earlier sunsets, extra care is required on the roads around the Waikato says Waikato Police Constable Stephen Morrison.

“When you add to the mix our likelihood for fog it can be difficult to see other motorists, people on bikes or pedestrians and vice versa which is why driving with your headlights on or wearing high visible clothing at all times is so important.”

The Council’s Road Safety Coordinator Mihi Bennett-Smith says maintaining a safe distance between vehicles in front of you is also important when driving in winter, as stopping distances increase considerably on wet roads.

“Motorists might be surprised to learn if you are travelling at 50km/h on a wet road it takes a car approx. 36m to stop and if you are travelling at 40km/h it takes approx. 26m to stop.

“It’s so important for motorists to assess their environment and adjust their driving according to the conditions. Getting into simple habits like having your lights on, reduce speed, wearing appropriate clothing or increasing the gap between cars all helps reduce the risk.”

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