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Being courteous at courtesy crossings

Courtesy crossing London Street

Hamilton City Council is launching an education campaign urging pedestrians and drivers to become more aware of courtesy crossings around the city.

Courtesy crossings are identified as a raised pedestrian platform built on top of the road. Most courtesy crossings are red and have a brick-like pattern. They’re designed to slow traffic and provide a designated safe place for pedestrians to cross.

Although the summer period is over our footpaths and roads are still heavily used by pedestrians and vehicles.

In the last five years, Hamilton pedestrians were involved in 222 crashes and incidents on our roads. The majority were non-injury, but unfortunately there were 48 serious injuries and eight fatal incidents.

“It’s important all road users know how to use courtesy crossings correctly to keep our community safe” says Council’s City Transportation Unit Manager Jason Harrison.

Drivers are not obligated to stop as they have the right of way but can choose to be polite and give way to pedestrians. A simple gesture such as a wave or nod is a good indication from the driver to the pedestrian they will wait for them to cross.

Pedestrians only have right-of-way at a zebra crossing meaning vehicles must stop to let pedestrians cross.

Council staff will be out and about helping to educate people at courtesy crossings and pavement decals will be placed to identify these crossings across the city.

“Sometimes it may be a bit confusing on who gives way at courtesy crossings, so we hope this campaign will help raise awareness on how to use them correctly. We want our community to feel safe whether they’re walking, biking, scootering or driving but to do so we all have an important role to play in understanding and following the road rules” says Harrison.

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