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City parking trial extended

Supporting local businesses and a vibrant central city were key factors in extending the central city two-hour free parking trial to 30 June 2021.

Approved at Tuesday’s meeting of Hamilton City Council’s Infrastructure Operations Committee, the extension will align city parking with the completion and approval of the Central City Transformation Plan (CCTP) refresh, which is currently under way.

Representatives from the central city’s retail, hospitality, tourism and commercial sectors were present at the meeting’s public forum in support of extending the trial for another year.

Vanessa Williams, General Manager for Hamilton Central Business Association, said the programme supports the business community by providing visitors an ease of access into the city.

“To be able to pop into the central city to carry out tasks, shop or visit businesses without having to give much thought to parking or coins, contributes to the vibrancy of the central city,” she says.

The trial, offering two-hours free parking in the city’s on-street metered and pay and display parking, began in 2017 and was included within the 2018-28 10-Year Plan budgets.

Further changes to parking in the central city are being proposed through the Council’s Annual Plan to provide more options for on-street commuter parking.

The proposal includes converting under-utilised two-hour free parking spaces into all-day paid commuter parking. This will result in additional revenue of $400,000 and provide more options for central city commuters.

You can tell us what you think about these changes until 10 July 2020 at: hamilton.govt.nz/annualplan

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