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Footpath upgrade for London St

London St footpath

Work starts on Monday (1 April) to upgrade a section of London St footpath on the south side of the street, between Victoria and Barton Sts.

This is part of Hamilton City Council’s $5.1M citywide footpath renewal programme for 2018/19, with around 17km of footpaths being replaced this year.

The work is expected to take two weeks and will see removal of the existing footpath and cobbles, installation of underground services ducting, and installation of a new concrete footpath with cobble inserts – the same finish as the Ward St footpaths between Victoria St and Worley Pl.

To minimise disruption for businesses, pedestrians and vehicles, most of the work will be done in the late afternoon and overnight. Pedestrian access will be available at all times while this work is done.

From late May work will also be done to improve safety for pedestrians on London St, with four raised pedestrian platforms installed to help people on foot to cross London, Harwood and Barton Sts. For information about this work and this year’s safety improvement programme visit http://myhcc.nz/safety

The Council thanks businesses, pedestrians and people travelling through this area for their understanding while this work is done.

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