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Improving safety for people who bike

Cycle separator sticks River Rd

Cycle lane separator sticks have been installed this week as a trial on River Rd at four locations leading up to the approaches to Fairfield Bridge.

The vertical yellow sticks which are marked ‘cycle lane’ improve safety for people who bike by more clearly marking out the cycle lane in locations where vehicles have been known to regularly encroach on the cycle lanes.

The four places where the short lengths of cycle separators are being trialled have been selected as they are popular cycling routes, where vehicles often use the cycle lane to turn early, or create an additional lane over the cycle lane.

The yellow poles bend on impact, and green cycle lane road markings have also being installed at the same time.

The Council will closely monitor these, and welcomes feedback from road users during the trial. Feedback for the Transportation team can be given by email to info@hcc.govt.nz or ph 07 838 6699.

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