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Improving safety on Gordonton Rd

There’s just a few days left to have your say about proposals to improve safety on Hamilton’s roads through a lower speed limit on Gordonton Rd, and a quicker way to make speed limit changes.

A reduction in the speed limit from 80km/h to 60km/h on Gordonton Rd between Wairere Dr and 260m north of Thomas Rd is proposed both to improve safety and reduce risk for road users. The speed limit reduction would support traffic lights on the corner of Thomas Rd/Gordonton Rd, planned for installation by the end of 2018. A variable 60km/h speed limit has been in place at the intersection since late 2017, triggered when vehicles turn in or out of Thomas Rd.

Other safety measures would be installed in support of the proposed 60km/h, including a raised safety platform, flush medians, street lighting and a northern gateway.

Also proposed is a quicker and more cost effective way to set speed limits in Hamilton, through Council resolution rather than through the current Bylaw review process. Community consultation would still be undertaken, however the change would allow the Council to respond more quickly to speed limit changes in support of road safety.

Safety improvements in this rapidly growing part of Hamilton have been high on the radar of Crs James Casson and Mark Bunting, who are encouraging people to share their views before 5 July.

“The 60km/h variable speed limit we’ve had on Gordonton Rd since late last year has worked really well in dropping the speed people travel along here, as well as reducing the severity of injuries to people in crashes. Regardless of what causes a crash, speed always plays a part,” – says Cr Casson.


“We’ve had good support for this change in speed limit here because I think people understand a lower speed limit is one way of improving safety. The other safety measures planned here will help slow drivers as well as making this stretch ‘feel’more like a 60km/h road,” – says Cr Bunting.

Feedback can be given until 5 July 2018 – online or via feedback forms at all Hamilton City Council libraries and the ground floor reception of Council’s building in Garden Place.

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