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Infrastructure operations meeting November wrap up

It was an opportunity to thank the staff behind the roll-out of Hamilton’s new rubbish and recycling service at last week’s meeting (Thursday 19 November) of Hamilton City Council’s Infrastructure Operations Committee meeting.

The new service began on 31 August 2020 and is now into its third month of operation.

“On behalf of the committee, I want to thank all the team involved for an extraordinary job that has been extremely well done. Thanks to all the staff who worked on this project – just about every unit played a role in the successful delivery of this project,” said Committee Chair Councillor Angela O’Leary.

“Staff have worked incredible hours. They have visited 269 multi-unit developments, all retirement villages, and 148 private lanes. From 31 August to 1 November they have responded to 58,837 customer enquiries. It’s been a mammoth commitment and we recognise them for all their hard work.”

Since the new service has begun, 1,216, 900 kgs of food waste has been diverted from landfill.

Commuter parking in the central city

Last week’s meeting also had initial discussions and approval to deploy on-street commuter parking zones within the central city.

When deployed, these commuter parking zones will be introduced into some of the existing central business district 2-hour free carparks, ones which are currently underutilised around the outskirts of the central city, and will provide paid parking options for those working in the central city.

Community feedback on this was carried out as part of Council’s Annual Plan and the initiative was adopted in August 2020. Today’s decision once again supported this initiative and staff will report back to Council in early 2021 on the proposed fees and charges.

Proposal to make Korikori Green a pedestrian mall

Consultation is also set to begin in late January 2021 to decide if a section of Korikori Green – a road which runs along one side of Rototuna’s Korikori Park – as a pedestrian mall. This would limit through vehicle access between North City Road and Kimbre Drive. The exception being when there are events on in Korikori Park or the surrounding areas.

When constructed, it was anticipated that Korikori Green would be a ‘park lane’ to service the park and not expected to operate as a key link in the road network. Bollards were installed to enable the road to be closed if necessary.

Initial engagement with key businesses and stakeholders in the area has already started, with the opportunity for the wider community to give feedback on this proposal in late January/February 2021. Other examples of pedestrian malls in the city, include Garden Place (closed 24/7) and Commerce Street in Frankton (closed when markets are on).
Thursday’s meeting was the last Infrastructure Operations Committee meeting for 2020, with the next meeting to take place in February 2021.

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