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Look out, more motorbikes are about

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If you notice more motorbikes on the road, don’t be surprised – September is the start of the riding season, which means the number of riders on our roads will double.

During September’s Motorcycle Awareness Month Hamilton City Council is joining ACC to encourage drivers and riders to look out for each other on the road. Around half of motorcyclists will dust off their bikes and hit the road as the days get longer.

“As we move into warmer weather it’s a timely reminder to think about what we can all do to make motorcycling safer”, says Hamilton City Council’s Road Safety Co-ordinator Mihi Bennett-Smith.

“We’re asking drivers to do three things: check their blind spot, turn their head to look behind them before changing lanes and look twice at intersections.  These simple three things have the potential to save lives and to prevent a large number of crashes.

“It’s about being aware of that you might not see motorcyclists at a first glance. So check again, and look twice, these things can make all the difference.”

In support of this, and in partnership with Waipa and Waikato district councils, four motorcycle riding skills training courses are run each year. Registrations are now open for courses running 6/7 October and 10/11 November, to register phone 0800 237623 or email admin@roadsafe.co.nz

In addition, the Council has installed “Expect the Unexpected” motorcycle safety awareness signs at key entry and exits to Hamilton.

In 2017, 13 motorcycle and moped riders were seriously injured in crashes with other vehicles in Hamilton. And across the Waikato in 2017 nine motorcyclists died in crashes and a further 66 people were seriously injured in crashes involving a motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle Awareness Month is an ACC initiative, launched in 2017 to lift the profile of motorcycle safety. It is supported by the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC), councils and ACC’s Safer Journeys partners www.motorcycleawareness.co.nz
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