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Motorists urged to be aware of lane changes on Cobham Drive

Change is coming to Cobham Drive (SH1)

Lane changes on Cobham Drive State Highway 1 (SH1) will happen this week (weather dependant) as construction on the Ring Road – Wairere Drive extension project reaches another key milestone.

From this Friday (4 September) road users will be moved over on to the new lanes to allow our construction team to raise Cobham Drive 6m above what will be the new Wairere Drive extension and build the Cobham Drive overbridge. The move will also ensure the site is as safe as possible for both road users and workers.

The current lane setup will still exist – two lanes heading into the city and one lane heading south towards Cambridge. There will be new slower speed limits through the site, and motorists are being urged to take extra care while people get used to this change.

People on bikes and pedestrians will need to use Hungerford Crescent/Cambridge Road as an alternative route or use the Sillary Street underpass which safely connects Hamilton East (Grey Street) to the Hamilton Gardens.

The project team and road crews will be working hard to minimise disruption to residents and road users. As always people are advised to plan and allow extra time for their journey.

The final connection of the Ring Road is an important piece of the puzzle for the city’s transport network and once completed will support people getting around our city more easily and freely now and in the future. While at the same time protecting and enhancing our great river city.  As well as supporting walking, people on bikes or on public transport.

Once completed the final piece of the Ring Road, the extension of Wairere Drive will connect the future bridge over the Waikato River into Peacocke. Work will also include extensions of shared walking and biking paths for people to enjoy.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this project.

Find out more about the project at hamilton.govt.nz/ringroad

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