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Next stage in Hamilton’s LED light rollout

LED street light rollout

The second stage in the rollout of more efficient and lower maintenance LED streetlights to Hamilton is underway, with the city’s main roads in line for the upgrade.

Work has started on River Road to install the first of 5500 LED bulbs on the city’s arterial routes, with this work completed by the end of the year. This follows the installation of 7500 warm white LED streetlights in residential streets across the city over the last seven months.

The Transport Agency is funding around $4.7M of the $5.7M cost of the first two stages of this work, which will bring estimated cost savings to the city of $250,000 each year through lower maintenance and power consumption.

The Council has installed ‘warm white’ LED bulbs which are less harsh on the eyes, reduce spillover glare into houses, and are considered better for nocturnal animals.

Hamilton City Council’s City Transportation Unit Manager Robyn Denton says the residential LED lights have been well received.

“We’ve had great feedback about the new LEDs from people who have welcomed the lesser light spill and the softer warm white colour. LED lighting also provides a better quality of light and colour contrast resulting in increased road user visibility and road safety.”

“During the replacement programme our City Infrastructure team has also been auditing current lighting levels and infrastructure, to help us in future lighting improvement work.”

The Council has also been working with the Hamilton Astronomical Society around suitable lighting to reduce glare for night sky observation, and a lower light level LED which still meets safety requirements will be installed in streets around the Hamilton Observatory.

Early next year under-verandah lights in the central city will be replaced by LEDs, followed by replacement from mid-2019 of decorative street lights in suburban areas which require special LED bulbs to fit them.

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