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Parklets promote flexi-parking options for bikes in the city

Hamilton City Council’s vision is for a city that’s easy to get around – no matter how you choose to travel. To support the growing movement towards different types of transport (multi-modal), we are trialling bike parking at new locations across the city.

Bike parklets are essentially a temporary bike rack mounted on a relocatable platform. Each parklet can hold up to eight bikes and fill a space equivalent to a standard on-street car park. They are modular so parklets can be combined when demand is high.

Parklets (also known as flexi-space) support a growing movement for cities to find simple, fast and cost-effective ways to change the form or function of a road space so it better meets changing needs.

“The parklets can be moved around to enable us to measure demand from users and impact on the space before a decision to make bike parking permanent at the location is made,” says Hamilton City Council’s City Transportation Manager, Jason Harrison.

“The parklets, along with a number of biking initiatives being rolled out over the next while, are just some of the many ways we are working towards making Hamilton a more bike-friendly city that is easier for everyone to get around.

“With more and more people calling Hamilton home, we need to make sure our streets and neighbourhoods support this growth,” Mr Harrison says.

The location of the bike parklets is determined by tactical urbanism – targeting areas across the city where there is demand for bike parking, but limited availability.

Two parklets have been installed in Garden Place from this month as a pilot. The trial is being monitored and reviewed every few months and, if it goes well, the platforms will be shifted somewhere else and permanent bike parking installed.

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