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Review keeps traffic bylaw moving in right direction

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To ensure we have an up to date and relevant traffic bylaw for our growing city, Hamilton City Council is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the Hamilton Traffic Bylaw.

The bylaw, which was last reviewed in 2015, allows Council to continue to apply legally enforceable rules to manage the community’s concerns in relation to traffic management.

It sets the requirements for parking, establishing standards for activities within the road reserve and general control of vehicular or other traffic, excluding speed limits.

The bylaw covers Garden Place, transport stations such as Rotokauri Transport Hub, and any road in Council’s district including State Highways controlled by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency.

Under the requirements of the Local Government Act 2002, the bylaw is now up for review and minor changes are being proposed.

These changes will align it with advancements in technology and recent and proposed legislative changes, such as the Accessible Streets Regulatory Package, which promotes safety for footpath users and encourages active modes of transport.

“The review is an opportunity to consider how traffic can be managed to ensure Hamilton continues to be a great place to live and be active in and that its community remains accessible, safe and healthy,” said Council’s City Transportation Unit Manager Robyn Denton.

“The review will also ensure that a revised Hamilton Traffic Bylaw is available as a tool for legally managing the safe movement of traffic, pedestrians, people on bikes and scooters, and public transport,” said Denton.

The opportunity to give feedback on proposed changes to the bylaw is open now until Thursday 23 September.

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