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Road renewals underway in Hamilton

Hood St milling of road

Pictured: Hood St being milled, ahead of laying new asphalt.

The city’s annual summer road renewal programme gets underway today, with work planned for 29 sections of road in Hamilton.

Renewing the city’s roads gives longer life to them and can reduce the need for major repairs in the longer term.

Three central city streets will be resealed with asphalt and the remaining suburban roads to be chipsealed, with all up around 14km resealed across the city during January and March.

Work has started today on Beeresecourt Rd, and on Hood St between Alexandra and Victoria Sts. Other central city streets being resealed with asphalt are Collingwood St (between Alexandra and Victoria Sts) and Victoria St (southbound, between Alma and Hood Sts).

Roads are selected based on the age and condition, with streets generally chipsealed every 10-15 years depending on road wear. Work is mostly done over January when there is less disruption with lower traffic volumes in the city, and a better result can be achieved with the sunny and dry weather.

Chipsealing work is done in the day, and once the chips have been spread and rolled in, traffic can go on the road to assist with bedding in the new seal. This is followed by a programme of sweeping and road marking.

Residents and businesses where roads are to be resurfaced will be notified by letter, and may have short delays or restricted access to and from their properties over one to two days while work is done. Traffic management will also be in place and road users are asked to take extra care and to keep to reduced speed limits in the area for the safety of those working and others who may be walking, biking or driving. In some locations work will be done at the weekend.


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