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Road shoulder closures for two tree management projects

One of our skilled aborists at work | Hamilton City Council

Hamilton road users should be cautious passing two tree management projects in the city over the next couple of days.

Hamilton City Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Unit has tree work planned at two separate locations in the east of the city.

The work at both sites will be carried out on 12 and 13 September, between 9.30am and 3pm.

At the River Rd-Clarkin Rd intersection, a stand of five trees will be worked on. Two trees will be removed, and the remaining three will be pruned. The trees have damaged nearby footpath and the upcoming work is seen as a pragmatic approach which will lower maintenance needs in the future. It will also improve sightlines for road users making the left turn from Clarkin Rd onto the southbound lane of River Rd.

At Tramway Rd, a section of the road shoulder will be closed to ensure a safe site for the removal of a stand of trees in Porritt Park. The trees are immediately below high-voltage powerlines and Transpower has requested the trees be removed for safety reasons.

Pedestrians passing these two sites will need to cross the road for their own safety.

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