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Rototuna’s Korikori Green declared a pedestrian mall

Aerial shot of Korikori Green

Korikori Green, a road in Rototuna North connecting North City Road and Kimbrae Drive, has been declared a pedestrian mall at today’s (29 April) Hamilton City Council meeting.

This means a section of Korikori Green will be closed to through traffic. The restrictions remain in place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except where prior permission from Council has been given to open Korikori Green to vehicles in relation to an event in Korikori Park or the surrounding area.

“A pedestrian mall is a street for people, meaning you can still walk, cycle, scooter or park on Korikori Green, but through vehicle access would be restricted,” says Council’s City Transportation Operations Team Leader Robyn Denton.

Council constructed Korikori Green alongside Korikori Park, which opened in February 2020, providing access and parking to the park. It also provides a link between the Rototuna high schools, the surrounds to the north-east of the village and the soon-to-be-built Rototuna Village.

A raised pedestrian platform with electronic bollards midway along Korikori Green provides a link between two cul-de-sacs. To close Korikori Green, the bollards will be raised. They can be lowered when vehicles need access to the park, such as when there are large sports events.

“Korikori Green is a busy route for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly students travelling to and from the school. We have identified quite high vehicle speeds through this area (60-70kph), despite the 30kph speed limit introduced in early November 2020,” says Denton.

“As the Rototuna Village develops, the number of people who travel through this area will only increase and therefore this decision to close Korikori Green to through traffic supports our focus on making our transport network safe for all.”

Korikori Green Map

Current traffic counts through Korikori Green are around 2000 to 2500 cars per day.

The declaration to make Korikori Green a pedestrian mall followed consultation with the public earlier this year and is in line with Section 336 of the Local Government Act 1974. Any person may, within one month after the making of this declaration, or within such further time as the Environment Court may allow, appeal to the Environment Court against the declaration.

The pedestrian mall declaration and closure of Korikori Green to through traffic will come into force once the appeal time has lapsed and any appeals have been resolved.



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