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Safer crossings for busy Hamilton roads

Work on Knighton Rd pedestrian platform

Crossings to help residents, including school students and older people, more safely cross some busy Hamilton roads start construction this month.

The projects are part of the city’s $4.5M of road safety improvements planned for the city this financial year to make it safer for people who choose to get around our growing city by bike, walking and bus.

Work has started this week on a raised pedestrian platform on Knighton Rd outside Knighton Normal School, and later in the month another will be installed on Sandleigh Rd by Ohaupo Rd. These raised platforms provide safer crossing points for pedestrians and slow down traffic.

Construction of pedestrian traffic lights will start in February on Masters Ave outside Hillcrest High School, and in March outside Trevellyn Rest Home on Victoria St, and Alandale Retirement Village and the Flagstaff shops on River Rd.

This means five pedestrian traffic light crossings will have been installed this financial year including the two which went in late last year at Silverdale Rd and Collins Rd.

Also in January at the intersection of Killarney Rd/Ellis St a range of safety work will start, including: accessible kerbs at two bus stops to help people get on and off buses more easily; pedestrian refuge islands to help pedestrians cross Ellis St more safely; and kerb reshaping which deter corner cutting and help drivers take corners at a safer speed.

Other safety improvement projects starting construction in February and March include at Grantham/Victoria Sts, Palmerston/Anglesea Sts, and Barton/London Sts.

Plans of these projects can be viewed online here.


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