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Safer link to SH3 draws closer

Dixon Rd is expected to reopen mid-September as construction continues on a new roundabout linking Ohaupo Rd/State Highway 3 with a yet-to-be-built new road through Peacocke.

Installation of the watermain and stormwater outlet are now complete, and work is set to begin on a wastewater main and construction of new pavement to complement the new roundabout layout. This is the last work needed so Dixon Rd can reopen.

Hamilton City Council Strategic Development Manager Andrew Parsons said the finished roundabout will improve safety for road users at the Dixon Rd intersection.

“Instead of waiting to cross oncoming traffic, vehicles heading into the city will turn left out of Dixon Rd and use the roundabout, reducing congestion and improving safety outcomes.”

When complete, the three-legged roundabout will also have shared paths and underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists, separating them from the state highway and significantly improving safety.

Mr Parsons said construction is progressing well despite the delays caused by Covid-19, pushing work into the winter period and wet weather.

“We’ve just reached a massive milestone, sealing the first piece of road in Peacocke, funded in partnership with the government. We’re pleased to say two of the three pedestrian underpasses are nearly complete and the project is on track for completion at the end of the year.”

To date 110,000 cubic metres of clay and earth has been removed from the site and 1.5 kilometres of stormwater and wastewater infrastructure has been installed. 10,000 new native plants have gone into the project with a further 7000 to be planted over the coming months.

The Council thanks you for your patience while we complete these works.

Peacocke is being built with the support of $290.4M of the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund, made up of a $180.3M 10-year interest-free loan and $110.1M of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency subsidies.

The Peacocke programme will deliver a new bridge, main roads, parks, and strategic water, wastewater and stormwater networks. Other work includes protecting and enhancing the environment, including the extensive gully system, and investigating community facilities which are also important parts of creating a new community in Peacocke.

When completed, Peacocke will be home for up to 20,000 Hamiltonians.

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