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Safer speed area for Gordonton Rd

Gordonton Rd 60km/h signage

A safer permanent 60km/h speed limit takes effect tomorrow (10 October) on Gordonton Rd, between Wairere Dr and 260m north of Thomas Rd.

It replaces the current 80km/h speed limit and the variable 60km/h speed limit area at the high-risk intersection of Thomas Rd/Gordonton Rd triggered by turning vehicles.

A temporary 30km/h speed limit remains in place at the Thomas Rd intersection while teams are working on construction of the new traffic lights.

The lower 60km/h speed limit will improve safety and reduce risk for people in this increasingly busy growth area of Hamilton. It also supports the new traffic lights which are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

In support of the new speed limit large signs have been installed at both ends of the speed limit area with smaller signs along the length of Gordonton Rd, as well as on side roads. As a visual aid red paint has also been marked on the road in the five locations where the new speed limit is signposted.

Kerbing and flush medians will also be installed in the future to reinforce the new speed limit and so it ‘feels’ like a 60km/h environment.

The new speed limit received strong community support during consultation, with 82% of people who shared their view favouring the proposal.

The Council urges people to drive to the new 60km/h speed limit and the worksite 30km/h, both for their own safety and the safety of others.

Note: The cover over the 60 signs will be removed on 10 October when the new speed limit takes effect.

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